Saturday, August 13, 2022


Magdalena Schönherr

Cédric Abplanalp

Milan Schéda

Max Fäth

Anna-Luisa Karl

Simon Meier

Joshua Glotz

The St. Gallen Business Review

Since almost 20 years the St.Gallen Business Review [SGBR] has been publishing numerous contributions of today’s leaders targeting students enrolled at the finest universities in central Europe. Founded in 1996 as Student Business Review, the SGBR has constantly refined its competencies with regards to concept and content and can proudly claim itself to be the leading student economic magazine in the German-speaking area.

Coordinated by a team consisting of students from the University of St.Gallen, influential personalities from the fields of business, politics and society are invited twice a year to contribute to the SGBR in form of an article or interview. The authors range from Josef Ackermann [Former CEO, Deutsche Bank AG] to Peter Maurer [President, ICRC] and reach even to Joe Kaeser [President & CEO, Siemens AG]. The focus always lies on a key subject, which is deliberately broadly defined not only to provide ample room for authors, but also to allow a differentiated treatment of seemingly one-sided aspects. Therefore publications of the St. Gallen Business Review aim to animate the readership to new ways of thinking and to foster public discussions. The magazine is distributed at numerous universities in central Europe and is additionally offered digitally with increasing popularity. The St. Gallen Business Review operates non-profit.

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